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Phillips Sonicare® Oral Hygiene Systems - For many patients, automatic tooth brushing and flossing systems provide a more effective means of maintaining quality home care than manual brushing alone. We have seen amazing results with the Sonicare Systems, and highly recommend them. Our office has available a full assortment of Sonicare products, including replacement heads for Sonicare brushes, and provides a significant discount over retail outlets, as well as rebates not available in retail locations.

Venus White® Home Whitening - For those patients who would like to have whiter teeth, and would like to do so in the privacy of their own home, or on their own schedule, our office offers the Venus White Home Whitening System. More than a gel, the system provides form fitting trays with the bleaching gel already in them. No messy impressions, no gel in tubes to place yourself. A simple and easy way to get your teeth their whitest.

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