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Our Services


We provide more than just a beautiful smile. Our office employs state-of-the-art technology to offer our patients a variety of specialty and general dentistry services. We take great care to accommodate all of our patients by providing the following services:

24 Hour Emergency Care - If you have a dental emergency, please call the office, 24 hours - day or night - we understand tooth pain needs to be relieved right NOW, and will do our best to take care of your dental emergency in a timely, efficent manner.

Examinations and Comprehensive Treatment Planning - Using the latest technology, we perform a thorough examination, including oral cancer screenings, on every patient. We will diagnose any dental problems, and provide you with a choice of options for treatment.

Teeth Cleaning - Good oral hygiene starts with regular dental cleanings, also known as prophylaxis. Regular teeth cleaning helps remove plaque and tartar build-up, which contribute to periodontal disease. We recommend all patients schedule this 45-minute appointment twice each year.

Preventative Care - We work with you to keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy. We believe in a collaborate approach with our patients to create an effective preventive program that defends against dental diseases and conditions.

Pediatric Dental Care for Children - We love to work with children! Our child friendly environment is designed to enhance your family dental visit. We are committed to delivering fun and caring dental experiences for children.

Fillings - We provide restoration of tooth structure with composite resin "tooth colored" materials, in addition to porcelain or gold restorations. We will take care of you and your family's cavities by using the most current technology available for fillings.

Silver Filling Replacement - We offer mercury-free fillings and replacements for those patients who prefer this option. Porcelain and composite resin tooth-colored restorations are not only beautiful, but also add strength to weakened teeth.

Teeth Whitening - Teeth Whitening is an easy and affordable process that can eliminate stains and discoloration to restore a beautiful smile. Our office employs the one hour - in office Sapphire Tooth Whitening System. ensuring the quickest and easiest way to whiten your teeth. For those patients who prefer to whiten their teeth in the comfort of their home or at their own most convenient time, we offer the Venus White Home Tooth Whitening system - with no messy impressions or gel filled trays, this is the most effective, as well as the most convenient way to whiten you teeth at home. For those patients with their own whitening trays, we also have whitening gel for you to use at home.

Dental X-Rays - Dental x-rays (radiographs) are essential diagnostic tools that provide valuable information to help us evaluate your oral health. We can look at what is happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums to identify any potential problems and create an individualized dental treatment plan. We employ the latest technology and protective techniques to insure that you have minimal exposure to excess radiation during radiographic procedures.

Crowns - A crown is the formal dental term for what many commonly refer to as a "cap". A crown is a restoration designed to be placed over a tooth to restore its strength and and function, and/or improve its appearance. A crown may be needed in cases where a tooth has suffered traumatic fractures, wear due to teeth grinding, tooth decay, cracked fillings or root canals.

Fixed Dental Bridges - If you have a missing tooth, a fixed dental bridge can fill the gap in your smile. Bridges resemble natural teeth, with a look and feel just like your own natural teeth. They are designed to take the place of missing teeth with a very natural feeling replacement, that is not removable, and never comes out.

Extractions - When a tooth is beyond repair, tooth extraction helps to sustain and preserve the health of your gums and bone. A failed tooth can be caused by periodontal disease, extensive tooth decay, an unsuccessful root canal, or other reasons, in which case an extraction may be just the treatment to bring you relief.

Endodontics (root canals) - Root canal treatment may be needed to remove an infected or damaged nerve from a tooth in cases where a tooth has excessive decay, has undergone trauma that has damaged the nerve in the tooth, or for other reasons. Our office offers routine root canal treatment for patients who need this procedure.

Dentures and Partial Dentures - Our office offers both removable partial dentures or complete denture fabrication, and the replacement of old and broken dentures and partials. We also offer one day denture and partial denture repair services for broken or missing teeth in partials and dentures. Plase call the office for details, or if you are in need of denture replacement or repair.

Implant Services - Our office works in conjunction with local oral surgeons to place dental implants in patients meeting the criteria for placement. Once implant placement is completed, patients return to our office for the placement of the final restoration.

Orthodontics - We offer a full array of orthodontic services for both children, teens, and adults. We will do an orthodontic evaluation, and determine if you need a referral to an orthodontist, or if our office can serve your orthodontic needs. We do full orthodontics, limited single arch orthodontics, limited tooth movement, space maintainers, palatal expanders, and retainers. Please call our office for further information about the orthodontic services we can provide for you and your family.

TMJ and Sports Night Guards - Our office provides night guard fabrication for TMJ treatment, and custom fitted mouth guards for athletics. Please call the office for details.

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