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Read below what our patients have to say about us:

As soon as you enter the office you feel right at home. I am impressed with the personal phone call from the dentist after I had dental work. From the moment I entered the quaint office I knew I was in the right place. The entire staff is professional and caring. God Bless You All. Smile everyday

S.F., Riverview, MI

I have never known a dentist like Dr. Dubois. He met me at the office on his off day, in the evening, to take care of my toothache. He went above and beyond and I thank him so much for doing that. It was greatly appreciated.

J.B., Southgate, MI

I came to see Dr Dubois to to get a second opinion about the dental treatment I had been reccommended to have. Dr. Dubois gave me some options that had not even been discussed, and I found out that my treatment did not need to be as expensive as I first thought. They were honest with me, and I felt like they really cared about me, even though I was not one of their regular patients - by the way, I am now.

R. B., Trenton, MI

I have recommended Dr. Dubois for many years; I am truly a baby when it comes to sitting in the dental chair anticipating the worst! Dr. Dubois and his staff have always taken great care of me and my dental care all the way to reducing my fears of the drill or shot!!! I can’t thank them enough and thanks to Dr. Dubois I have beautiful smile!

T.K. , Southgate,MI

I was convinced that after 30+ years with the same dentist I would never find another one that I liked as well, but since mine was now no longer in practice I had no choice but to start searching. So many friends recommended Dr. Dubois and they were absolutely right, he is great and I am so happy there. The entire staff is just wonderful!

C.S. Southgate, MI

Feeling so Much Better Thanks To You.


Thanks for making me feel so much better!


I am not embarassed to smile anymore all thanks to you Doc.


Cavity Free and Loving Every Second Of It!


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